About Destinati

Destinati finds the way back.

This nook has undergone many transformations. Its latest incarnation is the fifth to appear, and undoubtedly not the last. Herein you will find a mix of me - and a mix of whatever, at the time, interested me. This includes photography, especially while traveling, astrophotography, data visualization and large data sets, natural language processing, numerical simulations and computational fluid dynamics. Also, web design, programming, design and typography. And, embedded electronics, Anduino -- little projects of all size and shape. You're likely to find tidbits related to any of this, tucked away in some little corner.


A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.

Lao Tzu

Travel is glorious only in retrospect.



travels :: August 2008 - August 2009

A country by country travel blog of sorts: a year back-packing trip from Italy to Poland. With no itinerary, the original plan roughly included the Balkans, the Middle East, the Baltics, and Scandinavia, though one of the many things I learned was an important lesson in ambitious humility. In the end I visited twenty-six countries, and the list stands as: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Transdnistria, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland as my exit. Enjoy the reminiscence of memory lane. And yes, the longest I ever spent in one place was ten odd days in Dahab.

Southern Africa :: June 2005

A month long romp through the seedy underbelly of Africa. Namely, from Joburg through Swaziland, Lesotho, and on to Cape Town. North to Namibia and Etosha, followed by a mad dash through the Kalahari in Botswana back to Pretoria. What better place to learn how to drive manual? And with elephants and kudus as obstacles, at night, no less.

New Zealand :: August 2004

From Auckland through Wellington to Christchurch and back, an invigorating tale of adventure in the land home to both hobbits and raindeer. With anecdotal fables and whimsical tales (vis, none of the above), the perfect reading companion for all your questions surrounding the land of the elusive Kiwi. Illustrated.

A photograph is the synthesis of all those defining qualities which make up a moment. Immortalized, immobolized, still. And yet with an urgency of purpose - whether from beneath the lashes of a coy glance, or through the pane of a sundrenched window. A precipitation of darting eyes; half-held breaths. Welcome, viewer.



Star Trails 1 - Sep 01

Star Trails 1

Sep 01

Moon - Nov 08


Nov 08

Star Vega - Nov 20

Star Vega

Nov 20

Orion Nebula - Nov 29

Orion Nebula

Nov 29

Messier 5 - Apr 22

Messier 5

Apr 22

Messier 5(b) - Apr 22

Messier 5(b)

Apr 22

Messier 13 - May 04

Messier 13

May 04

Oahu Star Trails - Aug 18

O'ahu Star Trails

Aug 18

Keck I Laser Guide Star - Jul 20

Keck I w/ Laser Guide Star

Jul 20

NGC2024 First - Oct 29

NGC2024 First

Oct 29

S106 - Oct 29


Oct 29

NGC2024 Final - Oct 29

NGC2024 Final

Oct 29

Trails from Harvard - Apr 03

Trails from Harvard

Apr 03

Trails from Harvard II - Apr 05

Trails from Harvard II

Apr 5

Sentinels of Mauna Kea - Jul 21

Sentinels of Mauna Kea

Jul 21


Little experiments, which are almost all works in progress. I am particularly interested in visualizations of large datasets from numerical simulations, as well as the building blocks of computational geometry. Techniques include volumetric ray tracing in 3D through linearly reconstructed scalar and vector fields defined on an unstructured Voronoi tessellation of space. Higher order spatial interpolation techniques such as natural neighbor interpolation. Time interpolation between coarsely spaced discrete snapshots. Multi-dimensional transfer functions, and ways of combining volume rendering with coincident point particle datasets. Particularly in the real-time context of modern web technologies such as WebGL.

Also, some random results of more general data visualization of time series, graphs and graph layout, and data mining.


Over the years I've worked on many different programming projects and put them up here, in the hopes that they will be useful to someone. Some have included GPL notices, others are released without any explicit copyright, so please drop me a note if you would like to incorporate anything into a project.

Robots06 (C#)

A clone of the 2D game "GNU Robots" (originally for Linux, now for Windows), minus the graphics.


EQFinder (C)

A utility to search an executable for hexadecimal patterns (i.e. assembly instructions) to relocate specific portions of the process memory which moved during updates/patches.


Mediawiki Custom Extensions (PHP, JS)

Five custom mediawiki extensions focused on more semantic presentation of wiki pages and content, as well as supplementary custom DBs. Demonstrate how to make special pages and transcludable special pages which do pages searches based on category intersectins (like DPL) and parse the results. Also handling uploads, parsing, and inserts of custom text files into a secondary DB, where statistics and time series graphs (using pChart) are injected into certain types of pages. Finally, an example of a page category where pages are owned by their original creator, and are rendered in a custom manner.


Mediawiki Web Scraper (PHP)

A web scraper written in PHP that collects, parses, and formats content from different websites into wiki syntax pages. Includes API access to automatically upload images, batch submit new wiki pages, and run maintenance programs.



An ancient AIM "bot" written in PHP, which logs on to the chat network and handles various user queries. Includes the ALICE natural language processing/response as one backend.


Multiphase Flow (MATLAB)

Following Tryggvason et al. (2001), a proof of concept computational fluid dynamics solver for two-dimensional, multiphase viscous flow problems. Solves the Navier-Stokes equations on a fixed grid while the interface between different fluids is followed using a "front tracking" approach. Includes examples of a water drop bouncing off a surface, and a two drop binary collision.




Munich, Germany